Last updated August 31, 2017

Today there are many companies involved with the process of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking."

The goal of this activity is to extract substantial amounts of natural gas deposits located in shale rock formations.

Once a well is successfully drilled for this purpose it will require millions of gallons of water for the fracking process.

To make certain there is enough water available the process must be carefully managed.

When done correctly, issues with the supply and use of water for the fracking process can be drastically reduced.

According to an article in Water World Magazine, “The reuse of produced and flowback water is of high significance to oil and gas operators, particularly due to local water shortages and historically dry conditions in the region."

"Water reuse allows operators to minimize the use and cost of freshwater resources, while reducing complexities surrounding local waste water disposal and on site waste water trucking."

Drilling Success Requires Custom Automated Frack Water Management Systems

Custom Water Stations

In some cases companies will utilize a bulk water station. This is a place designed to accommodate the water needs of businesses and the general public.

It is also a place where a company can pay for the vast amount of water necessary for the fracking process.

In many cases the construction of a frack water dispensing station can be more cost effective. This can ensure a sufficient amount of water is supplied during the fracking.

Water Accountability

When the water source is automated it will improve the ability to record and manage the water used. Individuals who transport water provide an approximation of water they provide. In many cases these numbers are provided with simply a piece of paper and pen.

The numbers are then entered into a data base later.

Today computer tablets can be used to record the water volumes transported. This will dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of managing the water for fracking.


During the fracking process it is important to monitor the surface water and back water. To accurately analyze this water will require obtaining samples.

The quality of surface water and back water are being monitored

There are computer applications that can provide uninterrupted data concerning the quality of water.

This information can be obtained in real-time and necessary adjustments can be made immediately.

If you would like to know more about custom automated frack water management systems we can help.

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