Last updated July 30, 2018

A new project in Texas may aid in the use of reclaimed water in the oil and gas industry.

The desalination unit and solar power plant recently installed in Loving County, TX, is designated to treat brackish water for the production of drinking water, a recent article from Oil and Gas Online stated.

The $3.5 million project, located in Mentone and funded in part by the Bureau of Reclamation, can also treat frack water for reuse in the oil field, the article stated.

The water is evaporated in cyclone chambers where the pure water is condensed from steam. Brine is concentrated into a solid that can then be disposed of.

Because of the need to conserve water and an increasing amount of regulations that demand it of the oil and gas industry, Flowpoint Systems is pleased to offer solutions of its own, including bulk fluid dispensing stations.

Our stations can dispense potable water, raw water, reclaimed water, brine and hydrocarbons.

We provide turnkey solutions that include 24/7 keyless, cardless station access with accurate billing and lower administration costs.

With our bulk fluid dispensing stations, access is powered by software that manages fluid dispensing.

Customers entered data in Flowpoint terminal

Customers log in via a terminal once their hoses are connected in order to pump out. Onscreen instructions make the system easy for your customers to operate.

You control the criteria by which the system is shut off.

Customers are verified upon log in and their account balance is used to decline sales or limit use.

The software is capable of managing multiple stations.

For more information about our bulk fluid dispensing stations and other water conserving solutions we have to offer, contact us.

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