Last updated July 27, 2018

Earlier this month, the Congressional Clean Water Caucus held its inaugural briefing with public agency leaders to highlight innovations in wastewater receiving, as well as the local and national benefits of such innovations.

The event was part of Water Week 2014.

“Utilities of the Future"

Caucus Co-Chairs John Duncan (R-TN) and Timothy Bishop (D-NY) lead a discussion entitled, “Utilities of the Future…Engaging Communities, Embracing New Challenges & Ensuring Economic Prosperity."

The presentation focused on five examples of public agencies that have implemented new technologies to the benefit of their communities- Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Onondaga County and San Francisco.

Atlanta’s City Commissioner emphasized the importance of transitioning from a model of compliance to one of sustainability.

While the ultimate priority of these agencies was to improve their water environment, new technologies have allowed them to look at sewage as more than just a waste product. It’s now a resource that can be reused.

Clean Water Caucus Praises Innovations in Wastewater Receiving

Effective wastewater strategies have allowed communities to find new sources of renewable energy, reduce their carbon footprint and recover valuable raw materials.

Far-reaching Benefits

Caucus speakers emphasized the far-reaching benefits of improving wastewater receiving technology.

“Utilities are bringing forth innovative solutions to promote community revitalization, economic development and job creation," Cincinnati Water Works Representative Tony Parrott said. Communities across the nation are seeing the benefit of innovative water management solutions.

Just last week, Buffalo, NY announced it is investing $380 million over the next 20 years in green infrastructure to prevent storm-water containing raw sewage from overflowing into local waterways, including the Niagara River.

Whether your community is a bustling metropolitan city, a small, rural community or somewhere in between, effective wastewater management is key to protecting your environment, investing in the financial vitality of your community and caring for the health of your residents.

Clean Water Caucus Praises Innovations in Wastewater Receiving

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