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Flowpoint Environmental Systems are experts in engineered water systems

At Flowpoint, we design and manufacture cloud software controlled turn-key bulk water dispensing stations, turn-key septage receiving stations, and custom process systems for municipal, oil and gas, and industrial applications. We're committed to delivering superior systems and legendary customer service.

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Bulk Water Dispensing

Our Bulk Water Dispensing Truckfill Stations are turn-key, self-contained, insulated, and maintenance-friendly. Get water haulers off your distribution system by implementing an automated bulk water truckfill instead of managing a hydrant meter program.

Septage Receiving Systems

Our Septage Receiving Stations are turn-key, self-contained, insulated, and maintenance-friendly. Automated controls help streamline and reduce paperwork while increasing accountability and profitability.

Engineering & Design

All of our designs are modelled in 3D. We provide Solidworks, Autocad, or Revit files to import into your drawings, along with engineering specifications, process control narratives, and quotes to make your life easier.

Software & Support

Our software is written and supported 100% in-house. All panels are UL and CSA certified and thoroughly tested before shipping. We have a dedicated customer support team standing by to help you manage your system.

Custom Fabrication

Flowpoint can design and manufacture custom process skids, including polymer injection systems, booster pump skids, chemical storage, and chemical injection skids. We can integrate automation to create a complete turn-key system for you.





Legendary Customer Service

We build collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients. We are driven to look at our client's problems from every angle, anticipate their needs, and deliver superior systems and legendary customer service.




Bulk Water Systems

Water Dispensing

Our Bulk Water Dispensing Stations are turn-key, self-contained, insulated, and maintenance-friendly. At Flowpoint, we take the time to ensure each system is designed to your specifications.

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Septage Receiving

Our Septage Receiving Stations are turn-key, self-contained, insulated, and maintenance-friendly.

Our Systems can be heated, cooled, or both, and come complete with an electrically actuated plug valve, 316 stainless steel piping, magnetic flow meter, access terminal, and field terminal box.

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Designed right, built right.

Our professional team is ready to see your project complete smoothly, with quality, and on time. Our legendary customer support is with you all the way.  Contact us today and learn how Flowpoint Environmental Systems can help you achieve success.


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What our Clients say ...

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Durable and user-friendly

The Town of Cochrane has been operating the Flowpoint bulk water system for almost 10 years. We recently upgraded the software and included the technical support service.

In 2008 we also purchased and commissioned a sewage receiving system based on our success with the bulk water system. Our experience has been very positive with both systems.

Our customers find the systems to be very user friendly and they have indicated they prefer coming to Cochrane over some of the other areas they haul in.

This is due to the systems we operate. The user interface is very durable and can withstand various weather conditions. The technical support we receive from the crew in Edmonton is FIRST CLASS.

They are easy to contact and will work continuously until the issue is resolved. I don't know why we didn't use the technical support service previously. Kudos to great products and support!

- Rick Deans -
Water and Wastewater Manager | Town of Cochrane

No problems

This system (Flowpoint Turnkey Solution) is the greatest. No problems, customers are happy and I have better control. Thank you again for all your hard work.

- Paula Mueller -
Utilities Programs Assistant

Upgraded system does not require cards!

Staff and Contractors are pleased with the upgraded system that does not require a user card and allows for quick confirmation of credits on site. Flowpoint software is very user friendly and extremely easy.

Both the Technical and Sales staff at Flowpoint were excellent to work with through the entire process.

- Julie Stokes -
CET Technical Assistant Water Meter | City of Moncton

No more wasteful, unsafe fire hydrant use

I wanted to let you know what a great product you have. We have nine fill stations installed in a 240 square mile service area. We now have all the contractors off fire hydrants and using the fill stations.

We have gone with pin numbers and cell phone modems for communications it has worked flawlessly. We are able to lock-out any non-paying customers or have them prepay if we are having difficulty collecting fees and the billing software is great.

The contractors like the fill stations better than pulling from fire hydrants. We can sleep better at night knowing that the water we serve is the highest quality and is not subjected to any foreign material from water trucks hooking to our fire hydrants.

Your staff has always been great to work with and have always got back with answers right away. If any future customers want to know how our system is working please have them give me a call. Thanks again for a great product.

- Tim Moore -
UTE Water Conservancy District | Grand Junction Co

Huge success

I'd say our Water General Station has been a huge success. We metered almost 1.4 MG, up 1 MG from last year's total.

Flowpoint and their associates have been exceptionally helpful in regards to purchasing, setup, trouble-shooting and customer service in general.

- Jeremy M. Parker -
Associate Engineer | Town of Jackson

Great service and easy to use

Your customer service is GREAT! All during the set up Jay was readily available and now that we are online, he is only a phone call away. He is the best. Setting up new accounts is very easy and the reports are very user friendly.

Our fill station customers are happy with the ease of use of the product.

- Marie -
Water and Wastewater Manager | City of Burnsville

Increased revenue and ease of use

The City of Camrose has been using Flowpoint Truck Fill Systems since 2001 and has noticed a substantial increase in revenues since the installation of their system.

The ease of operations for both the clients and the office staff maintaining accounts and billing has reduced time and improved efficiency.

For the odd time we require technical support I have found them friendly and quick to respond. We have upgraded a few times since the original install and have been impressed with the changes. A second hydrant unit was added to improve customer service and reduce wait time during busy seasons.

This is a very user friendly product with great support.

- Mike Hisey -
City of Camrose

No more key card hassle

The City of Flagstaff upgraded from a decade old magnetic card reader system to the Flow+ Access Terminal and Software system in April of 2012. The results have been amazing.

Customer Service staff no longer have to refund money for damaged cards. Field staff are no longer called out at all hours to help customers at a station that is not reading the card correctly.

In addition, with the requirement that all customers set up an account to use the system, the City is now able to communicate with customers that provide an email address.

This has greatly improved customer service as the City can keep customers informed of any changes before they arrive at the load station.

- Andy Wagemaker -
Revenue Director | City of Flagstaff

Users find it easy

The City of Yorkton's previous water fill station was outdated and unreliable. Our new automated fill station allows customers to set up accounts, allowing them 24 hour access to bulk water and for better accounting by identifying (through the software program), all transactions that occur.

Users like the functionality of the program and friendly keypad. Flowpoint's knowledgeable staff achieves quick and easy installation, programming and commissioning.

- Michael Buchholzer -
City of Yorkton

Turn-key solution that will pay for itself

The City was and is experiencing a drought and was struggling with water theft from fire hydrants. As a solution we began looking at ways to provide access to bulk non-potable water. Flowpoint's system is essentially a turn-key operation with its own accounting system that is very easy to use, and which we believe will be very low maintenance.

We expect revenue and cost savings to more than offset the cost of the system. We expect to see enough use and demand to install an additional nine systems throughout the City. Working with Flowpoint has been a great experience.

They were able to tailor parts of the system to the some of the expectations/requirements of the Financial Dept. and IT/Security Dept. at the City of Austin and have provided training to the numerous staff that will be working with the systems.

- Cole O Newton -
Reclaimed Water Project Manager Austin Water | Austin, Texas

Austin TX
Flagstaff AZ
Grande Junction
Jackson FL

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