Wastewater Treatment
MBBR Packaged Plants

Efficient Treatment on a Small Footprint

Reduce space requirements, noise, and odor pollution with an MBBR packaged plant. Used in the decentralization of collection systems, lagoon replacement, or new development. MBBR is a highly efficient method of treating wastewater and is used all over the world.

Flowpoint is proud to feature a wide range of custom solutions for your application.


  • Advanced synthetic media with a 25-year life enhances biomass concentration, allowing for a smaller footprint and reduced setback requirements
  • High-efficiency biological treatment of municipal/domestic sewage or industrial wastewater, including BOD/COD reduction, nitrification, and denitrification
  • Outdoor and indoor options. Outdoor above-ground systems have fully customizable exteriors to match community aesthetics
  • Customizable controls for SCADA integration. Alarms and parameter monitoring with logging are standard features
  • Low noise and no odor caused by the plant’s processes
  • Increase land capacity with reduced setback requirements, allowing for more dwelling development
dual train, above-ground packaged waste water treatment plant

150,000 GPD dual train, above-ground packaged waste water treatment plant installed inside of a heated and ventilated building.

Making Your Waste Water Treatment Plant More Effective

Three units located in parallel. In-ground configuration treating up to 125,000 GPD.


Our Media is the Difference

  • High contact surface area requires a smaller plant footprint.
  • Save energy costs with lightweight media that requires less mixing.
  • Extended media life due to wear-resistant qualities.
  • High-performance biofilm carrier that is clog resistant.
  • Get your plant up and running quickly with minimal start-up time.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

Don’t worry! Every station we make is custom made to your specific needs. With over 25-years experience, it’s likely we’ve created something similar to what you’re looking for. Contact us and let’s talk about your project!



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