Bulk Water Dispensing

Flowpoint designs and builds automated Bulk Water Dispensing Truckfill Stations that are turn-key, self-contained, insulated, and maintenance-friendly.

We take the time to ensure each automated truckfill system is designed to your exact specifications. Watch our short video for a quick overview.

  Water Dispensing

Tired of the problems associated with hydrant meters? We have the solution. Secure your distribution system with a Flowpoint automated bulk water dispensing station. Get rid of problems like no backflow prevention, "honor system" accounting, and truck drivers

Water Flow

Dispensing Station Features and Types

Providing Accountability and Security for the Community, while generating revenue and reducing administration cost for municipalities & business.

Water General<sup><span style="font-size:12px;">TM</span></sup>

Water GeneralTM

  • Cost effective
  • Great for curbside loading
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Available in 2“, 3“, and 4“ sizes
  • Includes insulated, heated kiosk, flow meter, flow control valve, RPZ backflow preventor, interior and exterior LED lighting, controls, and software
  • Optional features include solar panels, overhead fill points, pressure reducing or pressure-sustaining piloting, credit card acceptor, bill/coin acceptor, custom colors, or siding.
Water Sentry<sup><span style="font-size:12px;">TM</span></sup>

Water SentryTM

  • Large bulk water dispensing station
  • Overhead load out up to 6“ diameter
  • Ability for multiple loadouts - fill two trucks at a time
  • System includes a heated insulated kiosk, controls, and software, flow control valves and flow meters, RPZ backflow preventor, automated drain valves, interior and exterior LED lighting, overhead piping, and fill arm support
  • Optional features include booster pumps, snow melt, systems, credit card point of sale device, bill/coin acceptors, custom colors and cladding
Bulk Water Dispensing Terminals (TFS Truckfill)

Bulk Water Dispensing Terminals (TFS Truckfill)

  • Flowpoint's Access Terminal Truckfill Controls are designed to retrofit to new or existing infrastructure
  • Optional components may include: 304 Stainless Steel piping, pipe stands, flow meters, flow control valves, RPZ backflow preventor, coin and/or bill acceptors, credit card acceptor, RFID card/FOB access.

We can incorporate our software and controls into your system to replace outdated controls, or we can provide a complete kit to install into your existing brick-and-mortar building.

Our Bulk Water Dispensing Terminals can be mounted in a rough opening through your existing wall, mounted straight on the surface of an existing wall, or on a pedestal.

Solar Powered Bulk Water Dispensing Stations

Solar Powered Bulk Water Dispensing Stations

Seasonal bulk water dispensing stations may be solar-powered to eliminate the requirement for power service.

If a year-round solar-powered station is a requirement, a propane heater can be added to keep the station from freezing.

Blue Jug Filling Station

Blue Jug Filling Station

Add a "Blue Jug" Filling station to your bulk water dispensing station to allow the convenience of jug filling to your customers.

Blue Jug Filling Station can dispense water based on preset jug volumes, or on a timed, metered, or on-demand basis. Blue Jug Filling Stations can be added to a Water General, Water Sentry, or sold as a stand-alone component.

Custom Bulk Water Dispensing Stations

Custom Bulk Water Dispensing Stations

Multiple simultaneous fill points, Overhead, and lower "belly" filling options, Custom colors, Faux brick facade, Building Enclosures to fit very specific dimensions, including online water analysis and disinfection (CL2 / UV), integrated snow melt systems, to name a few customizations. Give us a call.

  • All systems can be heated, cooled, or both, and complete with flow control, reduced pressure backflow prevention device, stainless steel piping, meter, drain valve, access terminal, and field terminal box. Options include low-volume fill points (barrel fill), credit card interface, coin acceptor, propane heaters, overhead fill support, and multiple fill points. Solar power and mobile options are also available.
  • All stations are capable of dispensing potable water, reclaimed water, or raw water. Need a custom design? Call Flowpoint today, and we have an experienced team capable of custom building anything from a frac tank farm dispensing station to a river water withdrawal.





Water+ Software

The cornerstone of our Bulk Water Dispensing Stations is the Cloud-based or Windows based Water+™ System Administration Software. Our software allows you to centrally manage multiple stations and control access to the stations by issuing haulers an access and PIN number combination. Call us today at 877-655-5585 for a free, no obligation, live web demo of our Water+™ software. Our software is designed, written, and supported in-house at Flowpoint. We do not outsource this important part of our business.

What Can Our Software Do For You?

Provide Security by Controlling

  • Hours of operation
  • Who is using your facility

Generate Revenue

  • Charge for quantity dispensed (potable, raw, or reclaimed water)

Reduce Administration Cost

  • Account Manager
  • Station Manager
  • System Manager
  • Communication connectivity options (Ethernet, Internet, Cellular, Radio)




Designed right, built right.

Our professional team is ready to see your project complete smoothly, with quality, and on time. Our legendary customer support is with you all the way.  Contact us today and learn how Flowpoint Environmental Systems can help you achieve success.


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