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Unmanned Remote Bulk Water Dispensing

As the need increases for better accountability and protection of water system assets, many water system managers are installing Flowpoint Environmental Systems water dispensing stations. These turn-key stations offer remote monitoring and control, all from our cloud-based Water+™ software application.


  • Accept multiple tender types from your customers
  • Real-time capture of water dispensed for regulatory reports
  • Insulated, heated station ready to handle all climates
  • 24/7 Online Access for you and your customers
  • Remotely monitor your water quality
  • Customize the exterior of your station to match the neighborhood
  • Full design details, schematics, and live person support from our exceptional Flowpoint team

Eliminate the administrative burden of water dispensing with a Flowpoint Environmental Systems WaterGeneral™. Contact us for more information.


  • Potable / Non-Potable / Reclaimed Water Dispensing
  • Water Quality Management and Analysis
  • Oil/Gas Fracking Water Allotment Control
  • Large Volume and Multiple Truck Simultaneous Filling
  • Storage and Dispensing



2" Single port dispensing station with LED light and cellular communications.

Pictured here is a dual bulk water dispensing station.

Dual fill (2" upper fill and 3/4" garden hose thread) with custom built self draining fill pipe.

Station installation for sewage.

Portable, solar powered hydrant fill station with cellular communications and propane .



Designed right, built right.

Our professional team is ready to see your project complete smoothly, with quality, and on time. Our legendary customer support is with you all the way.  Contact us today and learn how Flowpoint Environmental Systems can help you achieve success.


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