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You have reached our support team’s page. We love helping our customers make the most of their Flowpoint Systems. We have many ways to conveniently reach our support team – we look forward to hearing from you!

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Water+ FAQ

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Clean the strainer on the Pilot Tubing. Having a blocked strainer will prevent the valve from closing.

Open the valve to inspect the internal parts. There could be something stuck in the seat (rock, debris, etc.) or something could be worn, cracked or damaged.

Wireless signals periodically drop and are not able to re-establish a connection.

Try to cycle the power by turning off the control power for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. It may take up to 2 minutes to boot up.

When you add/change Access Numbers, etc. you will need to Synchronize data.

Verify that the software was able to sync with the station. In Water+, look at the status area on the right to make sure the date and time of the last sync is current. Also look for an error message.

If there is an error message, have someone cycle the power to the station (refer to Station not Synchronizing).

  • Check in Water+ that the Trucks Access Number is correct.
  • Unassigned Access Numbers will generate a "Disabled Truck" message when attempting to use the keypad.
  • Verify that the hauler is entering them in the correct order, i.e. Access Number then PIN.
  • Only users with Full Administrative Rights enabled, can reset an Employees Password.
  • Once logged in, the administrator can reset passwords by selecting "User Security" from "Setup".
  • Click to Edit the desired Employees profile, Check the "Change Password" button and enter in to complete.
  • Log into your Water+ Cloud site, go to Customers/Customer Management.
  • Search for the customer and select.
  • Click on Users in the table header and click Edit.
  • You can't view the current password but you can change it.
  • Make sure to follow the password requirements (minimum of 8 characters, and 1 letter, number and special character).



Septage+ FAQ



Text coming soon

Text coming soon

Is there an error code being displayed on the flowmeter?
Is the flowmeter indicating a flowrate or volume even though there is no truck offloading?

The pipe may be empty causing the meter to give erratic readings. If so, the Empty Pipe Detection feature in the flowmeter will need to be turned ON.

Test by unloading a known volume of water into the station. If the flowmeter doesn't match, it will need to be calibrated or replaced.

Verify that the Sampler is turned ON and the sample port valve is open.

Verify the setting in the Station Settings. Go to Stations/Station Management, double click on the station name.

Click on the Configuration tab. View/verify the sampler options.



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