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We are always looking for great people to join our team. If you are looking to work in a progressive, team focused, challenging career, we want to hear from you today (willingness to play on our hockey team is considered an asset).



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What our Employees say ...

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  I love working at Flowpoint because although we have grown significantly throughout the years, we have still maintained our office family culture of having fun at work. Coworkers have become friends who support and help each other accomplish our shared goals.

- Kimberley Tran
Office Administration

  Working for Flowpoint has provided me with a highly rewarding start to a career as a Technical Sales representative. In this role, I’ve worked with municipal and private clients to determine suitable Bulk Water Dispensing Stations, Septage Receiving Stations, Water Treatment Plant, and Wastewater Treatment Plant solutions, where I have fostered relationships with these organizations looking to modernize their Water Distribution Infrastructure and Wastewater Infrastructure Network.

I'm currently engaged with inside sales as well as managing the overall sales pipeline database, which is used to form corporate sales targets. I highly recommend Flowpoint to anyone beginning their career in this field.

- Cory Hayter
Inside Sales / Customer Support

  Working at Flowpoint provides a truly engaging experience, allowing for creativity and innovation on a wide variety of water, septage, and custom applications.

- Jason Boddez
Project Manager / Design Specialist

  I love my job because I work for a company that values the quality of their product and the customer experience they provide.  It is my honor and privilege to get to work everyday with people I both like and respect.

- Christy Rake
Executive Assistant / HR Manager

  It was immediately evident that employee engagement and personalized customer service were practised core principles amongst every member of the Flowpoint team. It has been over 1-year since I joined the Flowpoint team and the opportunity to represent our industry leading turn-key systems is still #2 for why I love working for this company each and everyday; #1 is still the work culture that is 2nd to none.

- Kris Montgomery
Regional Sales Manager

  Working at Flowpoint gives me a sense of purpose as helping to ensure that municipalities and other industries have effective water systems help ensure a sustainable future for all of us.  Working at Flowpoint has given me the opportunity to work for a company that provides high quality, efficient, cost-effective custom water systems for municipalities, the oil and gas industry, and other industries which are critical to our infrastructure.

- Jennifer Burkhart
Technical Sales Specialist

  I love working for Flowpoint because of the incredible sense of teamwork and innovation that permeates the company culture. The supportive environment and opportunities for professional growth make every day here a rewarding experience.

- Jay Hildreth
Sales Manager

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