High performance multidimensional media for water filtration and purification

What is Filtralite® Pure Filter Media?

Designed for drinking water treatment applications, Filtralite® Pure is a filter media suitable for both particle filtration and biological treatment.

Compared to traditional filter media like sand and anthracite, Filtralite media consistently provides:

  • Up to 30% more treated water on the same media volume
  • Better biological growth due to the multi-dimensional surface area
  • Increased water production, even with old filters
  • Return on investment of less than three (3) years
Flowpoint Filtralite® Pure

What are the advantages of a Filtralite® Pure single/dual media filter?

Compared to traditional filter media, Filtralite has much higher porosity, which gives

  • lower initial head loss
  • slower differential pressure build up
  • higher particle capture capacity
  • backwash waste volume reduced by up to 35%

Filtralite® Pure performance in numbers

In single media filters, time between backwashes can be extended by up to 500%

In dual media filters, up to eight (8) times less frequent backwashes

In biofilters, up to 98% iron removal, 80% manganese removal and 90% ammonia removal

Existing Filtralite filters operate from 1 gpm/ft2 up to 8 gpm/ft2 for physical filtration and up to 13 gpm/ft2 for biofilters

What are the advantages of Filtralite® Pure in biological filters?

Compared to other media, Filtralite has much higher porosity, which gives

  • high contact area for biofilm growth
  • higher density compared to traditional media
  • lighter weight
  • high durability to increase useful life
  • larger biomass volume


Developed for drinking water applications and desalination pre-treatment, our media is highly efficient media for particle filtration and biological treatment.

FILTRALITE® Pure Media Types

Get the Best Mix For Ideal Treatment Production

Filtralite® Pure Mono-Multi combines two types of Filtralite Pure filter media with different densities and sizes (Filtralite® Pure HC 0.8-1.6 and Filtralite® Pure NC 1.5-2.5) to improve even more filter runs and production capacity for filtration in drinking water treatment.

Mono-Multi - Filtralite Pure Filter Media



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