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The Evolution of Bulk Water Management

Flowpoint has released Water+ Version 7.0. This new, updated, fully supported software is reliable and easy to use. Water+ comes with every Flowpoint system to automatically upload and download hauler information, station parameters, and transaction information over Ethernet, Cellular Data Network or Wifi —no more manual entry of transaction data or honor systems!

Using our state of the art system, water haulers are issued a 4 digit Access ID number and a 4 digit PIN number. Haulers can be set up as prepaid or invoiced through Water+.

The software suite is available as a standalone installation, client/server arrangement, or as a cloud-based service (cloud-based service requires cellular data network or Internet at the station). 

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Water +
Experience the convenience of Remotely Controlling Station Parameters with Water+

Remotely Control Station Parameters

Securely set up new stations, disable current stations, set hours of operation, change rates, add fees, view surveillance, see station alarms and add custom parameters to your station viewer.

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Water+ revolutionizes the way you handle water-related tasks.

Ditch the paperwork

Virtually eliminate administrative paperwork through a customer and administrative portal that allows your customers to receive automatic bills and statements, prepay and add money to their account, print usage reports, add or remove users and manage customer accounts.

Run usage reports and integrate them into your compatible software with ease and at anytime.

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With Water+, say goodbye to financial hassles in water management.

No More Chasing Money

Instead of hassling with coins or cash at your station, accept credit cards at the station or within the Water+ cloud portal.

Credit card information is never stored, allowing this to be a secure software solution for you. Accept almost any merchant service provider you choose.

All money is directly deposited into your account and financial reports are available at the push of the button.

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Water+ takes your water management operations up in the cloud, ensuring that your data is safe, accessible, and always up to date. With Water+, your water management system is no longer tied to a physical location.


Our secure cloud based Water+ promises a Five 9’s uptime guarantee (99.999% uptime).

Our redundant servers means that you won’t experience outages of our software so you can continue to dispense water to your customers.

Our cloud software also never needs to be manually upgraded; enjoy constant feature updates at no additional cost to you.

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Water+ takes the complexity out of water usage tracking.

Account for All Water Usage

Every drop counts when it comes to your water and with a Flowpoint Environmental Systems Water+ system, you can be assured that all usage (revenue and non-revenue) will be fully accounted for and available to you immediately for your financial or regulatory reporting requirements.

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Key Features and Benefits 

  • Easy to use
  • Clean, comprehensive reporting, monitoring and control of all your Flowpoint Stations and data
  • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly usage reports and customer billing statements
  • Activate or deactivate trucks and customers remotely from the office
  • Automatically generate and email reports to customers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Customized fields available to track water destination, job number, well site, etc.
  • Set daily limits on station water consumption
  • Data can be exported to all popular formats and can be customized for import into existing software
  • Set multiple levels of security access privileges to Water+ users
  • Cloud-based software available
  • Ability to track up to 9999 water haulers
  • Set limits on hauler consumption by credit limit and/or monthly maximum
  • Manage multiple stations at remote locations — Set station hours of operation remotely.
  • Track coin transactions and credit card transactions (if equipped) 



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