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Flowpoint Bulk Water Dispensing: A Water Solution for New Mexico and Arizona

Jay Morrison
Flowpoint Bulk Water Dispensing: A Water Solution for New Mexico and Arizona 497 0

Water scarcity is a growing concern in many regions around the world, and the Southwestern United States is no exception. New Mexico and Arizona, known for their arid climates and limited water resources, are constantly searching for innovative solutions to address this pressing issue.

The Flowpoint Bulk Water Dispensing system emerges as a game-changer in ensuring efficient water distribution and conservation in these states. 

  1. Meeting Water Demand in Remote Areas 

In both New Mexico and Arizona, there are vast expanses of remote and underserved areas where access to water can be challenging. Flowpoint Bulk Water Dispensing stations ARE strategically placed in these regions to provide a reliable and convenient water supply.

These dispensing stations allow local communities, farmers, and businesses to access large quantities of water easily, making it a boon for rural development and agriculture. 

 Water Solutions for New Mexico and Arizona.

  1. Water Conservation and Wastewater Management 

Flowpoint's bulk water dispensing system promotes responsible water usage by reducing wastage and leakages. Conventional water distribution networks often face significant water losses due to leaks and inefficient distribution practices. Flowpoint addresses this challenge by providing a targeted and controlled distribution process, minimizing water wastage and conserving this precious resource. 


Moreover, the system can also play a role in managing wastewater in arid regions. By offering a reliable and efficient water supply, Flowpoint encourages the use of treated wastewater effluent (reclaimed or reuse water) for non-potable purposes, reducing the strain on freshwater sources. 

A water monitoring station in Santa Fe

  1. Support During Droughts and Emergencies 

Droughts and emergencies, such as wildfires, are common occurrences in the Southwest. Flowpoint Bulk Water Dispensing stations can be invaluable during such crises, ensuring a steady supply of water for firefighting efforts and supporting communities facing water shortages. 

 The system's flexibility and adaptability make it a reliable solution in times of uncertainty. 

  As water scarcity continues to challenge New Mexico and Arizona, innovative solutions like the Flowpoint Water General Bulk Water Dispensing system are essential for sustainable water management. 

 By facilitating efficient water distribution, enhancing water quality, and promoting water conservation, Flowpoint plays a significant role in addressing the unique water challenges faced by these states. As more communities embrace this technology, we can pave the way toward a water-secure future for New Mexico, Arizona, and beyond. 


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Jay Morrison
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Jay Morrison

I have been in the bulk water dispensing station controls and septage receiving station controls world for over 20 years. Together with the team at Flowpoint, we have helped over 700 communities in North America implement our turn-key solutions, cloud-based software, and controls to help them better manage their bulk water dispensing and septage receiving processes.

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