Last updated May 14, 2019

Solutions for the Water and Wastewater

The cornerstone of our Bulk Water Dispensing Stations is the Windows or cloud based Water+ Administrative Software. It is the tool you need to control, monitor, and analyze your bulk water stations and allows you to centrally manage your customers and stations.

Water Plus software by Flowpoint


  • Hours of operation
  • Location of bulk water dispensing
  • Who is using your facility
  • How much water they can dispense
  • $$$ for amount of water dispensed
  • No more guessing or honor system
  • Water haulers manage their own accounts (cloud)
  • Manage stations and data from central location
  • Automatic download of data from stations
  • Automatic report generation

Why Go Cloud?

  • Storing information in the cloud gives you scalable and unlimited storage capacity
  • Once registered, water haulers and administrators can access their accounts from anywhere
  • Using cloud software can significantly lower your company’s IT expenses
  • Backing up and restoring cloud data is much easier than storing it on a physical device
  • Your entire system can be fully functional within a matter of minutes
  • You will always have access to the latest features of the software

Cost Reduction/Accountability/Environmental Compliance/Revenue Generation/Security

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