Septage Receiving

Automated, turn-key trucked liquid waste receiving stations and software to track and monitor septage and/or F.O.G. being dumped into your collection system

Each Septage Receiving Station is turn-key, self contained, insulated, and maintenance friendly.

Our Systems can be heated, cooled, or both, and come complete with an electric actuated plug valve, 316 stainless steel piping, magnetic flow meter, access terminal, and field terminal box.

To ensure our systems are designed to meet your specific needs, we offer optional accessories including:

  • Automated flushing system
  • Automated refrigerated sampler
  • Grinder
  • Rock trap
  • Hose reel
  • Online pH monitor
  • Receipt printer
  • Online conductivity monitor
  • Air/vacuum release valve
  • Hydrocarbon sensors

Our Septage Receiving Stations can be used for receiving trucked liquid waste and also fat, oil, and grease (FOG receiving). Customize your own components or use our industry standard components.

Download Septage Receiving Systems Brochure

Septage+ Software

The cornerstone of our Septage Receiving Stations is the Windows based Septage+ System Administration Software. It is the tool you need to control, monitor, and analyze your septage receiving. Our software allows you to centrally manage multiple stations and control access to the stations by issuing haulers an access and PIN number combination.

Call us today at 877-655-5585 for a free, no obligation, live web demo of our Septage+ software. Our software is designed, written, and supported in-house at Flowpoint.

We do not outsource this important part of our business.

Septage Plus Software

What Can Our Software Do For You?

  • Hours of operation
  • Who is using your facility
  • What is being disposed
  • Charge for septage received
  • Account Manager
  • Station Manager
  • System Manager
  • Communication Connectivity Options (Ethernet, Dial Up, Radio, Cellular)

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