Water Dispensing

Providing Accountability and Security for the Community, while generating revenue and reducing administration cost for municipalities & business.

Each Bulk Water Dispensing Station is turn-key, self-contained, insulated, and maintenance friendly.

At Flowpoint, we take the time to ensure each system is designed for your specifications. The systems can be heated, cooled, or both, and come complete with a flow control, reduced pressure backflow prevention device, stainless steel piping, meter, drain valve, access terminal, and field terminal box. Options include low volume fill points (barrel fill), credit card interface, coin acceptor, propane heaters, overhead fill support, and multiple fill points. Solar power and mobile options are also available.

All stations are capable of dispensing potable water, reclaimed water, or raw water. Need a custom design? Call Flowpoint today, we have an experienced team capable of custom building anything from a frac tank farm dispensing stations to a river water withdrawal. Our systems ensure accuracy in reporting and automated safe guards to make sure you stay within your permitted limits.

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The cornerstone of our Bulk Water Dispensing Stations is the Windows based Water+™ System Administration Software. Our software allows you to centrally manage multiple stations and control access to the stations by issuing haulers an access and PIN number combination. Call us today at 877-655-5585 for a free, no obligation, live web demo of our Water+™ software. Our software is designed, written, and supported in-house at Flowpoint. We do not outsource this important part of our business.

Water Plus System Administration Software

What Can Our Software Do For You?

  • Hours of operation
  • Who is using your facility
  • Charge for quantity dispensed (potable, raw, or reclaimed water)
  • Account Manager
  • Station Manager
  • System Manager
  • Communication connectivity options (Ethernet, dial-up, radio, cellular)

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