Cloud Based Landfill Management Software

Tired of multiple outdated software packages used to manage your Landfill? At Flowpoint, we have developed a comprehensive, cloud based solution to track and report all landfill or transfer station waste.  Integrated with your existing weigh scales, Flowpoint's Cloud Based Landfill Management Software allows you to track and report wieght in and weight out, integrates with RFID tags so residents can check in and out quickly and efficiently.  We can integrate with security cameras and tie pictures of hauled material coming in with the weight records.

The software can integrate with Cash or Credit card payments and print receipts.  Track, Manage, and Monitor landfill waste from multiple locations and email, print or export reports directly from the online interface.

Our solution is 100% customizable to your requirements.  Call us today for a demo!


Security Cameras

Incorporate multiple security cameras and integrate with billing so you have a time and date stamped record along with video of the load being hauled in and a video record of the driver hauling the load.





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