About Flowpoint

Partnering up with Consultants, Contractors, & Owners to design and supply integrated, Turn-key Process Systems.

Every system, from access terminal, to software, to station is fully designed, manufactured and supported by our Flowpoint team.

Flowpoint is a privately owned manufacturer and distributor of intelligent bulk water dispensing stations and septage receiving stations integrated with our access terminal control and software systems.

Based in St. Albert AB, Toronto ON, and Denver CO, we proudly supply industry-leading, turn-key custom systems across Canada and the United States.

The Team

Flowpoint’s team isn’t typical. We have computer geeks, grease monkeys, and a crew of people from very diverse backgrounds working together to design, manufacture, install, and support industry-leading fluid dispensing and receiving stations and software. That’s our focus, and we get a buzz from making our clients’ jobs easier and their systems better.

We believe that the best way to build a company is to find great people to work with and give them opportunities to succeed. We encourage creative thinking, skills development, passion for what we do and respect for the people we serve.

As a result, we build collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients and everyone on our team from the manufacturers to the client support team. We are driven to look at our clients problems from every angle, anticipate their needs, and deliver superior systems and legendary customer services.

  • Allan Bradley photo

    Allan Bradley


    Jay Morrison photo

    Jay Morrison

    Vice President of Sales

    Dean Michael photo

    Dean Michael

    Vice President of Manufacturing

    Dan Saliken photo

    Dan Saliken

    Software Development Manager

  • Aaron Morrison photo

    Aaron Morrison

    Vice President of Eastern Canada

    Scott Lefebvre photo

    Scott Lefebvre

    Project Manager / Design Specialist

    Jason Boddez photo

    Jason Boddez

    Project Manager / Design Specialist

    Gerry Assinger photo

    Gerry Assinger

    Technical Service Manager

  • Jeff Scott photo

    Jeff Scott

    Automation Technologist

    Melanie Stang photo

    Melanie Stang


    Kimberly Tran photo

    Kimberly Tran

    Marketing Coordinator

    Axel Schneider photo

    Axel Schneider

    Information Technology Manager

  • Sam Mah photo

    Sam Mah

    Web Designer

    Clint Kilmer photo

    Clint Kilmer


    Byron Kieser photo

    Byron Kieser

    Director of Research & Development

    Tyler Cox photo

    Tyler Cox

    Assembly Technician

  • Dylan Michael photo

    Dylan Michael


    Ryan Zelman photo

    Ryan Zelman


    Mike Pequin photo

    Mike Pequin


  • Jakub Zielinski photo

    Jakub Zielinski

    Procurement Manager

    Kris Rogozinski photo

    Kris Rogozinski


    Michelle Harrod photo

    Michelle Harrod

    Sales Representative

Our History

Our story started with a single project, a northern community needed to improve people’s access to bulk water and ensure the water supply’s security. It was a passion project. We studied the problem from every angle and worked with the community leaders to develop the best possible solution.

What started as a custom solution, became a blueprint that we have continued to modify, enhance, test, standardize, and further customize for clients across North America.

We were the first in our industry to develop a fully automated and integrated keyless/cardless access terminal with billing software, specifically for water and wastewater systems.

As we grow and continue to develop new systems for municipal, oil and gas, and industrial applications, we are committed to maintaining both the highest quality assurance and level of service for our customers. We do this by designing, manufacturing, and quality testing all our products, and by giving every client legendary service.

  1. Municipal Solutions was founded by Darrell Stang and Ron Simonsmeier.

    Darrell Stang and Ron Simonsmeier photo
  2. Municipal Solutions continuously provided water dispensing and septage receiving stations throughout North America.

    City of Fort Saskatchewan is one of our water dispensing clients
  3. Municipal Solutions’ head office relocated to their current office space in St. Albert, Alberta.

    Municipal Solutions’ head office relocated to their current office space in St. Albert, Alberta
  4. Municipal Solutions was rebranded to Flowpoint Environmental Systems to better represent the company’s goals and vision.

    This is our current Flowpoint logo
  5. Allan Bradley became president of Flowpoint Environmental Systems.

    Allan Bradley became president of Flowpoint
  6. Flowpoint leased the building across from the existing building for additional inventory and manufacturing space.

    Flowpoint leased the building across from the existing building for additional inventory and manufacturing space
  7. Flowpoint has secured land and will be building a new facility with a completion date of summer 2017.

    New Flowpoint facility in 2017

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