Last updated May 27, 2019

1. Using a hydrant meter for bulk water dispensing is archaic

Automated bulk water truck fill dispensing systems are a popular option for municipalities and organizations that want to dispense water in a safe way instead of using hydrant meters.

Misuse of hydrants can be extremely dangerous, either immediately from the dangerously powerful flow of water coming out, or down the line when fire fighters need to use the hydrant for water to fight a fire, only to find out that it’s broken or out of service due to someone’s misuse.

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On top of the danger, there is an issue of accountability, cost of water and water theft.

2. The Risk of Human Error is removed

With automatic monitoring software, there is less need to pay employees for monitoring tasks. On top of that, automated bulk water dispensing systems have low administration costs, and make accounting a breeze.

Water used by customers is kept track of with software and invoices can be produced on demand, making billing accurate and simple.

If a customer is overdue on payment, the system can be remotely set to lock them out of taking more water until the account is squared.

3. Wasting Water is a Thing of the Past

With an automated bulk water dispensing system, only the necessary amount of water is dispensed, and it’s tracked down to the gallon, keeping waste minimal and costs low.

Haulers enter in precisely how much water they need and if they make a mistake, they can always press an emergency stop button.

Flowpoint automated bulk water dispensing station, including software

Again, human error is eliminated and exactly how much water is required is what is dispensed.

Nothing more, nothing less. Advanced algorithms in the software allow the valve to close exactly at the desired volume without hammering your distribution system.

4. Automated Bulk Water Dispensing Systems Generate Revenue

By allowing you to charge a fair price for water used and accounting for all the water taken by water haulers, you can realize for more profit because automation limits the need for on-site employees.

You also get automatically generated reports, so that you can know exactly when, where, and how much water a customer is purchasing, making business easy to track.

Data can be transferred from multiple stations wirelessly over the Internet and multiple stations can be managed from one location. Time is money and an automated bulk water dispensing system will save you tons of time.

5. 24/7 Secure Access

While automated bulk water dispensing systems are great for municipalities and organizations for a variety of cost- and safety-related reasons, they are also beneficial to the water hauler.

Sell water with Flowpoint bulk water dispensing stations

Systems can be set up to give the consumer access to water 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the use of easily lost or damaged keys, fobs or cards.

They are easy to use, as onscreen instructions walk the customer through the use of the water station.

Record keeping is also made easier for the water hauler, with optional on-site production of receipts and the ability to send electronic receipts and transactional data reports via email.

Automated systems can also show the customer their account balance with each purchase, easing the burden of accounting for the consumer.

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