Last updated May 02, 2019

Flowpoint Environmental Systems invented the automated bulk water dispensing control system over 15 years ago operating as Municipal Solutions.

At that time, there was no other company installing the complete controls and administrative billing package.

Automated bulk water dispensing station by Municipal Solutions

The Flowpoint PIN access system is simple: enter your unique three digit Access Number and your four digit secure PIN Number, and if the two correlate you are granted access to fill your truck with bulk quantities of water.

Flowpoint bulk water fill station, including records transaction data

We have not changed this concept for one solid reason: cards, keys, fobs or any other hardware access system is flawed. You, as a municipality or utility are not in control – your water haulers and customers have control over your costs and time spent administering the system.

Water haulers manage truck metering and billing

You and your administration staff can be as organized as possible but the weak link is still the water hauler end user. Cards can be lost or damaged and you are held responsible for providing the working system.

We have many clients that have replaced their card system with an exclusive PIN system manufactured by Flowpoint.

Contact Flowpoint Environmental Systems for references or to check out our feedback from other municipalities who have made the change from cards to a Flowpoint Keyless/Cardless System.

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