Last updated JULY 30, 2015

As stories raising public concerns about Frack Water Dispensing continue to surface on an almost daily basis, it is great to see a company and a community take a very proactive approach to the issue.

We all understand that the waste water created from Hydraulic Fracturing can have potentially harmful effects on the environment if not disposed of properly.

This community near Halifax, Nova Scotia is hitting the issue head on and others can learn from their inventiveness.

They decided to make lemonade out of lemons.

  • We have all this waste water being generated from fracking.
  • We need to dispose of it with minimal impact on the environment.
  • What shall we do?

The result is something even a local politician could get behind!

“I would certainly endorse this,” Councilman Doug MacInnes said during discussion at Thursday night’s council committee meeting, regarding a request from Lafarge plant manager Scarth MacDonnell for a letter of support for its proposal. “Let’s hope they clean it all up.”

The Lafarge Cement plant located in Brookfield, Nova Scotia intends to use two million liters of frack water generated from Atlantic Industrial Services to cool its high-temperature kiln.

Generating two million liters of frack water

In searching for another example of how communities have developed positive approaches to the new technologies for mining oil and gas, we discovered this one in the Washington Post that states that the United States is now the largest producer of oil and gas in the world.

Reported Christopher Harper highlights how the state of Pennsylvania has benefited from a proactive approach:

  • Investment in Pennsylvania’s fracking operations has already reached $4 billion.
  • The state’s Department of Environmental Protection gives the industry high marks despite activists’ complaints.
  • The city of Philadelphia is benefiting as well, developing a new refining site for Pennsylvania natural gas and for North Dakota oil also derived from fracking.

So we say congratulations and hats off to the innovative thinkers in Nova Scotia and Pennsylvania for the proactive ways they are responding to the new realities associated with mining for oil and gas.

The result is something even a local politician could get behind! Now what?

We are always on the lookout for positive stories surrounding frack water dispensing and other industry news. Please share some of the ways you have seen communities dealing with the issue and we will be glad to pass them along.

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