Last updated July 30, 2015

Investopedia defines a value add as something that can increase either a product’s price or its value.

The term “value add” is used to describe an enhancement a company gives to its product that makes it more worthy than the product of its competitor.

At Flowpoint, we’ve given a lot of thought to value add products and services vs. commodity products and services.

The value we bring to our customers has a lot to do with the pride we take in our work.

Our company started with the need to help improve a community’s access to bulk water.

We worked with the community leaders to develop a custom solution that would best work for the people involved.

Because that’s what every project is about: the communities served and the people who are impacted.

We manufacture and support top-of-the-line fluid dispensing and receiving stations and the software needed to manage these stations.

Our fluid dispensing and receiving stations and the software manage these stations.

In order to do that better than anyone else and in the way that our customers deserve for it to be done, we’ve assembled a team of experts for every single aspect of what we do.

Other companies will offer you a cheaper price.

They will approach your project with a “one size fits all” solution that won’t consider the unique facets of your situation.

They will do the work with a staff that might or might not have experience in, and specific knowledge of, the water dispensing and wastewater receiving industry.

They might or might not do the project the way you need it to be done and they might or might not be around throughout the project and afterward to trouble shoot and to assist with any issues that might arise.

They might or might not care what happens to you, your community, and your station. That’s the risk you take with the commodity company and their lowball price.

Value add. It’s a strong term. We take it seriously. Do you?

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