Food production creates copious amounts of hard to manage wastewater, that contain chunk solids of all sizes, large amounts of FOG- fats, oil, and grease and subsequently, high levels of BOD.

Keeping up with EPA standards and lessening the negative impact on the environment can be a challenge, but today, several food production facilities are using modern methods of screening, dissolved air flotation units, and other oxygenation systems to reduce waste and reduce BOD.

Koch Foods LLC, a fast-food poultry deboning facility in Morristown, Tenn., produces more than 70 million lb of cut wings, boneless chicken nuggets, tenders, and breasts every year and creates more than 130,000 gallons of wastewater per day.

And this raw wastewater contains vast amounts of BOD, TSS and FOG.

The plant had a fine screening process in place to remove solids, as well as a DAF unit to remove oil and fats.

According to an article by WesTech, "DAFs are especially effective for food solids since most food particles float.

Floating FOG and solids are skimmed from the DAF unit and recovered for disposal or sale. And skimmed solids do not require thickening."

TSS, FOG, and BOD are all greatly reduced by screening and DAF treatment, but in Koch's case, they needed an additional treatment to reduce their BOD numbers, due to their high production level.

According to an article by W&WD, "the plant wanted to minimize BOD5 concentrations above 500 mg/L to limit potential surcharges from the city.

Achieving this goal would not only help Morristown reduce overall BOD abatement measures... but it could help Koch Foods further minimize plant odor and environmental impact in the face of burgeoning demand for its poultry products."

Koch installed a custom SOLVOX oxygenation system to replace their existing tank and aeration system.

According to the W&WD article, "Because air is only 21% oxygen, enrichment with 100% oxygen could potentially provide an effective solution."

The new system was as cost-effective as a typical acid treatment, reduced the need for harsh chemical use and was more environmentally friendly.

Upon implementation, the custom SOLVOX oxygenation system reduced BOD for the poultry processing plant by more than 90%.

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