Last updated 30, 2018

Everyday we see increased emphasis on reducing the human impact on this planet.

The world is ‘going green’. Wastewater treatment is one of many green projects municipalities are investing in.

Phytoremediation is being used to clean up wastewater and soil as part of the new green consciousness.

Wastewater treatment by phytoremediation methods

Phytoremediation is the direct use of green plants and their associated microorganisms to stabilize or reduce contamination in soil, wastewater, surface water, and ground water.

Phytoremediation is being used successfully in France, where bamboo groves are being used to clean food industry’s grey water. The grey water does not contain sewage or toxic chemicals, rather consists mostly of organic matter.

Bamboo was chosen for this project due to its dense root system but also because of its fast growth rate and hardiness.

The wastewater is spread evenly throughout the groves soil, supplying water and nutrients for plant growth. This bamboo soil filtration system removed 99% of organic matter from the water. The project was a success and has gone on to build four more bamboo treatment groves.

This green method of cleaning surface water and soil has been used extensively with much success. Phytoremediation is used over large areas with low amounts of contaminants at shallow depths.

Plants are chosen for use in phytoremediation based on many criteria, i.e. high biomass, depth of root structure, adaption to local climates, grow rates.

Be it phytoremediation or other treatment solutions the wastewater must be received at stations in a manner that is environmentally sound and secure.

The wastewater must be transported and run through the mechanical processes of waste treatment.

All this must be done with secure access to the system to ensure the identification of toxic contaminants should the need arise.

Security is also imperative in the process of emptying waste trucks into the wastewater stations using secure locking mechanisms on hoses to prevent hazardous spills.

Emptying wastewater from the waste truck

Wastewater receiving is an integral process and if done incorrectly can cause a multitude of problems for the communities the station serves.

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